Monday, January 11, 2016

Finding the Right Skin Care

The start of a great masterpiece is a good canvas. In order to have a great makeup look, we must first have great skin. How do we achieve that? The perfect skin care regimen is a must! To find that perfect regimen, trial and error can take a little too much time, money, and effort. Instead, ask a consultant. Well, here I am! Below are the four skin care sets I offer and who they  are designed for:

Botanicals: The Botanicals set is for women from teens to twenties who are seeking a basic skin care routine. It uses natural ingredient extracts to allow the skin to breathe. It is full of vitamins and nutrients that will invigorate skin for a healthy, natural glow.
My favorite step in this system is the mask. I love a good exfoliant and the opportunity to feel like I’m at the spa. The mask is great once or twice a week and it’s exactly what my skin (and my attitude) need. 

Clear Proof: For many, acne is the skin battle they face (pun intended). If you are one of those people, try Clear Proof Acne Solutions. This multi-step system works to open pores for a deep clean. It is medicated to help reduce inflammation and redness. This system is ideal for anyone who struggles with acne.
My favorite step in this system is the gel. Generally, around my time of the month, I get a pimple. I apply the gel to the problem spot as soon as I know it’s coming and the pimple is gone before it even appears. I love how fast and  effective it is. 

TimeWise: This system is designed for women who are in their thirties to forties and just beginning to see signs of aging. Age hits us all and it will be something we all have to face eventually. With the TimeWise set, our face doesn’t have to share our age. This system uses anti-aging ingredients to encourage skin regeneration to reduce the signs of aging.
My favorite step in this system is the Night Solution. It has little beads full of vitamins that burst in the pump so they’re fresh when they touch your skin. The amazing benefits are seen in the morning, my face is soft and smooth. It helps the skin rejuvenate over night so you can start your day with great skin. 

Repair: This set is designed for women who are 50+. The high intensity ingredients accelerate cellular regeneration. This set has a night solution and day solution so your skin cells are constantly working to tighten skin, reduce bags, fine lines, and wrinkles.
I don’t have any personal experience with this set, but I’ve heard of it’s benefits from many.

There are three critical tools one needs for great skin. One of them is a powerful skin care regimen tailored to their specific needs. I hope you found this helpful in choosing the right routine for you. Makeup is meant to enhance one’s natural beauty, let your beauty shine through by finding the right skin care for you!

If you want to find out what the other two tools are for great skin, subscribe to the blog. Also, let me know in the comments below if you have any drugstore alternatives to the regimens above. Thanks for stopping by, have a sparkly day!

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  1. I never tried the Mary Kay skincare line! I think I might try it out!

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    1. I think they're great. The skin care is especially amazing. Thanks for stopping by!

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