Monday, April 11, 2016

Avoid Heat

I like to think of my hair as fruit when it comes to heat. The heat dehydrates your hair just like a  dried apple. It becomes frail, dry, and lifeless. It is much easier to break when the hair has been dried out.

My dad always comes in the house and says it smells like “cooked hair” after I’ve straightened it. This is true, we are pretty much baking our hair every time we put heat on it. You can only bake a cookie so many times before it becomes brittle and breaks. We know this but we do it anyway.

So a couple tips to begin avoiding heat:
  • Have a family member or friend hide  your hot tools
  • Figure out what is good about your natural hair
  • Find hairstyles that suit your natural hair texture
  • Find low or no heat ways to style your hair
  • Use a heat protector
  • Don’t go over the same strands a million times

Heat avoidance is one of the best things you can do for your hair. If you want to grow it out and make it healthy, you are going to have to stop putting heat on it. 

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