Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why Mass Isn't Enough

For those who don’t know, was working at a job I’m wasn’t very happy to be at. The Lord placed me there on purpose, but I don’t know what that purpose was. So I asked him. As expected, there are several reasons he put me in that position but the one that struck me most was that Mass isn’t enough. I have had the privilege to go to Mass almost every morning. But my time in Mass stopped being fruitful…I think. I’m actually not sure.

The point I think he is trying to make to me is that the doctor can give you medicine, but you have to be the one to take it. Jesus has given me his Sacraments and all of the tools I need for success, but I’m not allowing them to change my life. I wonder how many of us are doing that. We are people of faith that are dragging our feet in the sand rather than allowing God to carry us.

Why am I doing that? Stupid question…I know why. I’m trying to be in control, I don’t trust the Lord’s plan. I think I know what’s best. Pride is the root of all sin, you know. I’ve become self-centered, angry, and afraid because I have refused to put myself at the foot of the cross. I used to. Each Mass I saw myself kissing the feet of Jesus as he hung on the cross for me. What changed? I let the voice of the world yell in my ear louder than the voice of the Lord whispering in my heart. Am I to go back to that place or let him bring that place back to me? I sense a tangent coming…

Have a sparkly day!

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